16 January 2012

I want to be rescued. I know I wont be in that way for I am damaged goods. Why would someone want me? No one has even showed an interest in me since that guy at work did, and he wasnt really though. For if he was he would of called me back after that first call asking if I could go on a date. I think he wanted something other then to get to know me. That was almost I think 6 yrs.

I need to be a good homemaker. I am not even an okay one. I need to be a good mom. I struggle for Bug is a constant reminder of my past choices. I have patience but after work where I need a lot of it, it dwindles a lot for Bug, thus my patience seems shot. I need to do more with teaching him, but with not feeling I know how and with my other struggles I know I am not fulfilling this duty in my life.