19 March 2009

Amazing Sons

Last Sunday Bug (my son) sat with his best friend during Sacrament meeting. In the same row another friend also sat, so there where three almost 4 year old boys sitting in this nice little row. During Sacrement they where all sitting nicely with their arms folded; my son, his best friend and then his friend. They where reverent during Sacrament and my son got to learn some things about Sacrament because his best friends mom was explaining things to him. I looked back at those three boys and saw three good friends in years to come, growing closer to Heavenly Father and someday getting mission calls only a few months apart, if not almost all together. It is my hope that I can raise my son how I know his friends mothers are doing for their sons, that I can help strengthen my son as I know they do, and that I will be the support my son needs. I know my son is strong, he would not be here if he wasn't, I just hope I have the strength needed to raise my son in the way of the Lord, even if it means doing it alone. It is my prayer that I can raise my son they way Heavenly Father wishes me to do.

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