31 December 2010

Tears Over a Letter

A couple months ago I was mailing a letter in the mailbox downtown. I grabbed the letter and was about to mail it when my son asked me who the letter was for. I told him it was for Elder Jones. He wanted to send his love so he kissed the letter so it would make it to the Elder safe and fast. As I took it back and was about to put it into the mailbox he started crying. I asked him why he was crying. His response was that he missed this Elder so much and was worried that the Elder would never see him again. He said that the Elder and to come back to our church and that our church is where he belonged. It is weird to think that he cried over and Elder he knew for only about 12 weeks, still desperately missing him months later. This seems so weird to be for he doesn't cry over not seeing his great grandpa, who he adores. This young man made a huge impression on my son while he was here.

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