17 November 2011

Crazy Conference

What a long day. Dentist at 7:50 and then had to rush after Bug and I had our appointment to my moms to drop him off then rush off to work. (Which I originally was suppose to be there at 8 but got it OK-ed to get there at 9 (work though "dinner break") but ended up not getting to school till like 9:20). At work for 9 hrs today still have a little over an hr and we are bored stiff. Usually we have a pile of stuff to get done but the teacher didn't set up anything for us to do. We searched through boxes, drawers and cubbies for parts to a gate, yet we still cant find the parts. We also put curtains up, searched websites that are kids could do and bleached toys and some other objects, and yet we are tired and wish to go home. It is kinda silly as an assistant to have to be at work during conference when there really isn't much to do. We aren't even able to sit in on the conferences (per teachers preference). We are the ones that are with the students the must, we are with them for all but 45 minuets of there school day. The teacher is away from them for an hr and a half each day. We see things that they don't and yet we cant be in on a conference or any other meeting that pertains to the student, yes it seems odd, and actually we are legally suppose to be at these meetings because we are working with the student. Oh well if anyone gets in trouble it will be the teacher not us because we are only doing what she is telling us to do. Under appreciated assistants, yet we do all the dirty jobs, most the grunt work and we end up getting hurt more often.

Still have an hr. AHHH can't go home till 7 and have to be here 3 more hrs tomorrow.. YIPPIE!!!! not

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