29 September 2012


I have a bad feeling that hard times are coming. Bug does not have a father in his life. He has never asked about not having a dad which is interesting. Now though a male figure in is life is walking away. My dad is leaving my mom. He is moving in with another family. Bug does not know and I have no idea how to tell him. My dad has gone to anything this family invites him to, Family trips, games, etc for a couple of years. (an Emotional affair) He is now no longer going to any of Bug's games. this will somehow change the whole extended  family dynamic and who knows how at this point. My dad still has not told me and if he tells Bug he will be in so much trouble. I also am going to have to figure out all the ground rules that will be in place because of this. There will be rules and if they are not followed I might have to cut the ties which could be devastating to Bug but it may have to be done for the best choice for him even if he does not understand. I just worry how this will affect Bug having a male figure walk out like this on him. I also at this point do not want to have Bug influenced in any way by this family who my dad is choosing over us. I know for sure that my dad will not be allowed to take Bug to this house or to even go out and meet these people some where else. Bug is to have NO contact with them. I just hope the Brothers of the church will be enough male influence in my sons life.

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