02 November 2012

A lesson on Prayer and Graditude

We had a lesson about Prayer on Sunday. It reminded me of a FHE lesson I had made up when a few of the sisters at Church decided to do a FHE lesson exchange. Sadly this didn't go as well as we had hopped and we haven't done it since. I did my part and made a lesson on Prayer.

In the lesson on Sunday we talked about that you can't always ask for things from Heavenly Father. The group was consistent in saying that we also need to tell Heavenly Father thanks for what we have. It was funny though. one said "you need to have four thank yous in your pray" another said, "you need to have more thank yous then things you are asking for." We are not told how many or what ratio we should have thank yous to asking for what we need. One also brought up it is okay not to have a thank you in every prayer if you are praying for someone to get better. Each kid has learned something slightly different at home about prayers but in reality they have all been taught the same, only difference is in the manor their parents have taught them about prayers. They all knew that you prayed to Heavenly Father in Jesus Christ name.

My Valiant 10 class also said that we need to be thankful for the blessings we received for if we are not we could lose those blessings or we could not gain any more blessings. I feel this is an important lesson. Sometimes in this busy world we forget to count our blessings. To actually see what we have been showered with. At times in our lives it can be hard to see the blessings but we need to search for them or to learn to recognize them. With everything going on in my life I think I kind of forgot this.

After Church I was just thinking and I realized Oh I am so thankful I was about to get off work for Trunk or Treat at Church to be able to take Bug. I am so thankful I was about to talk to D at work about Bug and how everything is effecting him. Being invited to a Halloween FHE so Bug can have fun and I am able to go. I am So thankful even though I didn't ask to have Halloween off my Manager gave the night off for me so I could take Bug Trick or Treating.

We also talked about we don't always get the answer to are prayer that we want. Heavenly Father knows best and sometimes the answer is not what we expect or what we want. He sees the big picture and even thou the answer we want would be a good choice its not always right in the moment or order of Heavenly Father's Will.  It's like a puzzle. We can be given pieces to our life and somehow they will fit together. We have to remember we don't have all those pieces be it that we are not ready or its not for where we are in our lives at that moment. If we don't have all the pieces how are we to know what the whole picture looks like? We can't and we won't. Heavenly Father is the one with the puzzle box with the picture on the cover. He knows the whole picture. He knows how each piece fits together. We need his guidance to put the pieces together. Sometimes a piece we have won't fit with what we have because the place isn't there to put it yet. That is why we need to follow Heavenly Father's Will. Eventually we will start to see parts of the picture because pieces will fit together. We won't understand or see the whole picture but if we continue to follow Heavenly Father's Will things will start becoming clearer to us.

Sunday I was having a rotten day. Saturday pretty much all day I kept saying to myself I don't want to go to Church tomorrow. To be honest I felt the same way on Sunday. I desperately didn't want to be there. I went and I realized that I had so many blessings hidden with the pain, stress, frustration and bad things. I am still struggling and yes I would rather be in bed or at home not having to deal with people. I am trying and yes I might of felt sorta invisible at the Halloween FHE on Monday but if I didn't go I would be hiding more and more in my shell and each day would get harder and harder.I am managing and I think realizing that there are little blessings popping up just like little buds pop up in the spring is the little help that Heavenly Father knows will help me even though it doesn't seem like enough in the present moment..

I hope that I can actually notice these little blessings and show Heavenly Father gratitude for the many things he has given me.I found some cute and practical lessons on gratitude and I hope to share them soon.

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