03 November 2012

Prayer Train

I am unable to figure out how to add a word document. I had a train set up in a word document in black & white one sheet easy to print off.
I had to find the train again & use Paint to take away the color. I am unable to change the color of the words on the train but if you wish for it to be all black & white just set your printer to black & white.
I was also unable to figure out how to put the two pictures together or how to make the picture its full size when clicking on it. All you have to do is copy & paste the picture in a word document & set it up to the size you want (be it one page or even bigger & have each picture on a separate pages). Then print.

The kids can then color & decorate how they like & put it up in their room. It can be a great visual reminder of how to say a prayer so they can learn how to have their own personal prayers.

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