08 July 2011

Judging a book

Tonight at work I was reminded how judgemental some people can be. It is sometimes difficult to work with an individual at work now. This person has offended me by putting some judgement on what I believe. I guess its not really her kinda smashing my faith but the fact that she is judging people she doesn't even know.

First: We have eco lab guys come and check are dishwasher and such items. they came one night and when they left I said I knew one of the guys from church. This coworker said something to the affect that he looks like those guys that go around on their bikes trying to force people to join their church. (the missionaries only ride their bikes once a week). I said ya he is a member of that church and so am I and that guy is not one of those guys riding his bike around. those guys riding their bikes around are only about 19. She was like well guess its a complement that he looks so young. she didn't apologise for what she said, don't even think she realized she was rude in what she said.

Second: A young man from church applied to be a delivery driver at work. he wont get hired because it is company policy not to have a delivery driver under the age of 18. But he wrote something on his application that was funny to us. 'distance running - If car breaks down I can run the pizzas there.' I was covering a shift tonight and I found out today at church he had applied I told him that we can't have 16 year old delivery drivers, just so he would know not to be hopeful for a call back. Well I worked tonight and I wanted to see his application and I hadn't realized that he was the one that said he could delivery the pizzas by running. I was like oh I know this kid from church, I told him that one has to be 18 to drive. Well this coworker said something to the extent, oh he is guy because of how he walks. I said no he is not. I didn't want to get into it or anything so I just walked away. I am just so tired of her judging people though because of how she thinks the world runs.

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