12 July 2011

A New Journal

I love the idea of having a scripture journal, in years past I have written notes on lessons taught. There was once before I became a member that while I was reading the scriptures that I started writing down thoughts. I now have no idea where those notes are, they have to be someone in my house, nor do I know where the lesson notes are.

This year I again started taking notes in Sunday school class. This whole process started with me writing a poem with comments and ideas brought up in the lesson. I then learned about having a scripture journal. A sister from my ward posted on facebook a link of a blog about scripture journals. It was a wonderful post by the http://www.theredheadedhostess.com. She had posted about how she uses pictures in her scripture journal for she is a visual learner. I loved the idea, the next week after reading her blog I followed her example in my own way. I sat in Sunday school with my scriptures open, a small notebook and a pen. As the lesson progressed I was found scribbling notes along side a few pictures. It was a lesson that included the Good Shepard and the sheep. I can not draw so I had a stick person trying to look like a good Shepard and I drew a cloud with legs and a black sheep head. Though the weeks I haven't always drawn pictures but I have taken notes. I want to re-write them and organize them for the notes are all scattered on different pieces of paper in my scripture bag or in a half notebook. (my notes are hard to read for they can get so messy).

This is one of my many goals this year to accomplish. I may not do to well with it in independent scripture study but I plan on doing it though a Sunday school lesson scripture journal to start. I would love to start now with getting it all organized but I think it will have to wait till my vacation is over. Still need to find things for the trip. Hopefully when school starts again I will be able to have a place devoted to scripture study so I can accomplish this goal.

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