14 October 2012

Edge of a Cliff

We had Relief Society enrichment night in Feb about visiting teaching. We talked about why it was important and Sister P. said something along the lines of...

"It is important to get to know our Sisters we Visit Teach because we never know what they are going through. We see those people that are always there and think of them as the reliable ones, but we never know if they are actually on the edge of a huge cliff about to fall.'
This is so true. I cant count the times I have been on the edge of a cliff and no one has noticed. If we don't know the sisters in our wards then we cant see when they need our help.

Its not up to just the sisters to notice though. When we ourselves are hanging on the edge of the cliff we have to be willing to let others know and to let others help. This is truly one of the hardest things to do. I have been a wall flower a lot of the time. Hiding how I am doing, how I am feeling and what I want. This is because in the past I had friends that never cared and said I shouldn't complain when I really needed help. I still struggle to ask for help and to except help when it is offered.

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